Careers Services

At Active Language we understand that nearly everybody approaches their TEFL course focused on the job prospects at the end. Our Careers Service team is ideally positioned to help you achieve your goals, offering both individual and personalised career guidance and life-long support, and extensive employment connections all over the world, throughout Spain and especially in Andalusia.

Working as a TEFL Teacher in Spain and in Andalusia

We are proud of the quality teachers who come through our TESOL courses, proud of our membersip of national (FECEI) and regional (ACEIA) associations and networks and, most importantly, proud to be confident in your ability to find work.

Despite the current economic situation, Spanish people are moving forward by investing in their own education, especially learning English. Spanish universities require students to reach a B1 foreign language level before completing a degree. This is generating a higher demand for English teachers in Spain. So, at the moment, language schools in Spain are actively looking for teachers and there are currently more jobs than teachers, which places all of our graduates in an excellent position.

We are able to offer extensive employment connections all over the world, throughout Spain and especially in Andalusia. The overwhelming majority of graduates who are looking for work in Spain and receive individual and personalised career guidance are successful.

On top of this, the Careers Service provides Student Visa & Work Permit Assistance for Non-EU Applicants that would like to legally work in Spain for up to 20 hours per week.

Working as a TEFL Teacher Around the World

If you are looking to work further afield then you can benefit from our team’s first-rate knowledge of up to the minute global English teaching markets and trends.

Life-long Career Support

The Careers Service team is always available to our graduates and is actively looking to provide as much post-course support as possible. Our on-going support during and after your course has finished includes:

Individual interviews to look at your personal employment goals
Individual CV / Résumé consultations
Comprehensive schools listings
Job search tips – where to look and how to apply
Jobs board – regularly updated with job adverts
Detailed listings of TEFL internet sites
Careers library – stocked with books, articles, country profiles, job hunting resources
Advice on contracts and other bureaucratic issues
Student Visa & Work Permit Assistance for Non-EU Applicants
Network of graduates and other TEFL professionals for advice and recruitment help

Following the Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course we actively provide our graduates with advice and support:

Prompt and personalised references – this can be vital in securing your teaching position
Regular email updates on job offers
Free professional development
Life-long careers support

To receive further information, please contact our Career Service team –

And, follow our Facebook page Active Language Teacher Training where we post job adverts we receive throughout the academic year.