Part-time Trinity Certificate in TESOL

At Active Language, we offer our part-time Trinity Certificate in TESOL course in Cadiz over nine months, the length of the European academic year. It is both a stimulating and rewarding TESOL course and is ideal for TEFL teachers who also need to juggle family and university commitments or work. The one-morning-a-week commitment gives trainees considerably more time to assimilate what they have learnt, while at the same time enjoying all the benefits of the full-time TESOL course.

More time results in lower stress levels, higher quality work and a better experience all-round.

The Teaching Practice made the part-time learning experience positive and encouraging. I liked the peer and tutor observation’s outcome.
Rocío Muñoz (2013-14)

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Teaching English is a great way to supplement your income on a full or part-time basis and a wonderful opportunity to get to know people in your community. Many people who move to the area may find it difficult to get to know local people. Finding work in a foreign country when you do not speak the language is difficult. However, the very thing that you think holds you back might be the key to opening the door to a rewarding TEFL career – the ability to speak English.

The good news for those looking for a TEFL job is that the overwhelming majority of language schools, of which there are many in Cadiz province and throughout Spain, are facing unprecedented demand for their courses. There are many opportunities throughout Andalucia for English teachers and many schools looking to recruit. Apart from this, many teachers work with 1-to-1 students, either going to their students’ homes or inviting them to come to your house.

What are the benefits of our part-time CertTESOL course?

  • An internationally-recognised qualification and an entry into a highly stimulating and rewarding TEFL career

  • More time to absorb the TESOL course content, more time to complete the written assignments and more time to plan your lessons

  • Train locally

  • One day per week commitment

  • Careers advice to help you find work during or after your course

Our optional Teaching Younger Learners Extension course (TYLE) can also be booked in conjunction with the part-time Trinity Certificate in TESOL course or taken separately at a later stage.