Full-time 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL

The 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses are both full-time and intensive. We are unique in offering the Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses in Spain over five weeks as other centre prefer to do the course over four weeks. Our experience and feedback from teachers clearly shows a preference for more time. Whilst still intense, having a little more time to complete the course means lower stress levels, higher quality work and a better experience all round. 

I would like to thank you again for a superb experience on the August TESOL course. All the staff were professional in their approach and knowledgeable about their subject. I learnt such a great deal and felt supported and encouraged from the first day until the last. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a thorough training in the basics of TESOL.
– Nicola O’Brien (August 2005)

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What are the benefits of our five-week CertTESOL Course?

  • An internationally-recognised qualification as an entry into a highly stimulating and rewarding TEFL career

  • Complete the TESOL course in a short space of time

  • More time, space and support is offered than on a standard four-week TESOL course. The timetable of the full-time 5-week TESOL course (Monday to Thursday) means you will have a 3-day weekend, which allows significantly more time for assignment writing, lesson planning or, if you’re well organised, making the most of your time in the area

  • Enjoy Cadiz, an authentic and friendly Spanish city on the beach. As well as the attraction of the beach, there are also concerts, shows and countless cultural events to be enjoyed

  • Careers advice to help you find work locally or internationally following your course

A typical 5-week face-to-face Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course timetable

Input Session:                                                      9.15 – 10.15am
Preparation for teaching:                                  10.15 – 11.00am
Teaching Practice:                                               11.00am – 1.00pm
Feedback and Teaching Practice Guidance:    1.30 – 2.30pm
Lunch:                                                                    2.30 – 3.30pm*
Input Sessions:                                                     3.30 – 5.30pm*

Outside of these times you may be working on lesson preparation or writing up an assignment. You will work hard during the TESOL course and some of your days will be long. However, you will enjoy plenty of support from your tutors, staff at Active Language and fellow TESOL trainees.

*During the academic year, trainees enjoy a longer lunch break with afternoon input sessions taking place 5.00 – 7.00pm.

Our optional Teaching Younger Learners Extension course (TYLE) can also be booked in conjunction with the part-time Trinity Certificate in TESOL course or taken separately at a later stage. Find out more about dates and prices for the TYLE and CertTESOL courses here.