At Active Language we understand that your accommodation is important to making sure that you get the most out of your stay in Cadiz. For this reason, we select accommodation that is convenient and secure and only where we would be happy to stay ourselves.

The city’s size means that nowhere in Cadiz is more than a 20-minute bus journey from the school. A lot of the accommodation is actually within walking distance of both the school and the city’s excellent beaches. All accommodation has been checked prior to being accepted.

Accommodation Options 

We do not use the same accommodation for the Trinity Certificate in TESOL course and for the Spanish courses as we feel it is much more harmonious and beneficial from the trainee’s point of view to be sharing with others who are on the same course and therefore have similar timetables/workloads.

Flat share: Our accommodation service will find you a room in a shared flat on a self-catering basis. You may be sharing with fellow TESOL trainees or with a local resident. All our flatshares have 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms and come equipped with the following amenities:

  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • One or two bathrooms
  • Suitable area for study
  • Living room with dining area
  • Bedding (towels not included)
  • Bedrooms are cleaned before trainees arrive
  • Common areas are cleaned before trainees arrive
  • The price for the accommodation also includes the cost of electricity, water and gas.

University residence (only during summer months): During the summer courses accommodation the excellent university residence is available. It is centrally located in the Cathedral square and has single rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There is internet access on-site and a canteen. The price includes bed and breakfast and is €33 per night for a single room and €55 per night for a double room (subject to availability).

Spanish host family: We offer a premium Spanish host family accommodation service. This is a room in a Spanish home that will give you the chance to practise your Spanish as well as to take the day-to-day pressure off during the TESOL course, as breakfast, dinner and a laundry and cleaning service are provided. The Spanish host family accommodation is available upon request.

Accommodation Prices 

Blended Trinity Certificate in TESOL 2-week flatshare: 110€ per week
Trinity Certificate in TESOL 5-week flatshare: 110€ per week
Trinity Certificate in TESOL with 3-day TYLE flatshare (five weeks total): 110€ per week
Trinity Certificate in TESOL & 4-day TYLE flatshare (six weeks total): 110€ per week
University Residence: 33€ – 55€ per night
Spanish host family accommodation: available upon request

You will be able to enter your accommodation from 3.00pm on Sunday afternoon and will be required to leave before 12.00pm on Saturday. Accommodation in your chosen option outside the dates/times of your course is subject to availability. Please contact us for more details.

How do I book accommodation? Once you have been accepted on the TESOL course you will be sent an accommodation form where you can apply for your accommodation preference.

What information will I receive before the TESOL course about my accommodation? As well as contact information, you will also receive information about the people you will be sharing with (where relevant) and the facilities of the accommodation.

What if I have a special request? Whatever your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our TESOL team. Whilst not being able to provide guarantees, we will always try our best to accommodate any special requests.