The Trinity Accreditation

Trinity College London

Trinity College London is an examining board which offers qualifications in language and language teaching, and also offers qualifications in drama and music.

The Trinity College London Diploma in TESOL course is fully recognised by the British Council and is an advanced qualification in teaching English for more experienced teachers. It is internationally recognized and respected by employers. This TEFL course can be used as credit for teachers wishing to study an MA in TESOL.

Trinity College London’s role in the Active Language TESOL Course?

Trinity is the body that validates our TESOL course and issues the Diploma in TESOL qualification to teachers.

Any Trinity-validated TESOL course works within guidelines issued by Trinity College London with regards to course content, teaching practice, assignment assessment and support given to trainee teachers.

The Trinity validation guarantees quality and a comprehensive introduction into the world of English teaching. A Trinity qualification provides the credibility that employers require and the recognition teachers need when looking for work. It also reflects the dedication and professionalism you have shown by taking this first step in your teacher development.

Trinity College London also participates in the assessment of candidates in the form of moderation.