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Back to school

The first day of term is almost upon us! Have you planned what you’re going to do with your students on the first day? It’s important to do some activities to build rapport, as well as establishing ground rules.

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Why choose a Trinity CertTESOL?

There are many reasons why you should choose an accredited teaching qualification. In this blogpost, we’ll look at the process of moderation and how an externally assessed course offers you a top-quality introduction to teaching.

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What should you look for in a school?

It’s getting towards the end of summer and, if you haven’t already got a job lined up, you’re probably starting to think about finding work for the next year. Here are our tips for what to look for when you’re deciding on the best school for you.

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A-levels done, what’s next?

A-level results are out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland… a time full of nerves and excitement, of disappointment and joy. Congratulations to everyone! So, what’s next?

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