On The Road

For all English language teachers throughout the province of Cádiz, we can provide teacher training and development opportunities wherever you are.

We are unique among teacher training organisations in offering our services in your town. While you’re always welcome to come to our centre in the heart of Cádiz, we actively seek out the opportunity to run our courses in your area or, perhaps even in your school. Our experienced, passionate and supportive team of teacher trainers can provide quality, relevant and engaging training and development opportunities wherever you are.

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of our specialised English language teacher training.

1. The Active Language Road Shows

Through the academic year we run training events in venues throughout the province. The events are always focussed on themes that are most relevant to you and your teaching. We provide dynamic and engaging workshops on subjects such as working with very young learners, exam preparation for teenagers, integrating pronunciation among many others.

Keep an eye on our facebook page Active Language Teacher Training to see when the next event is coming up. Alternatively contact us if you’d like us to come to your town and please do feel free to suggest topics for workshops.

2. Made-to-measure in-house training and development

Many busy school management teams find it difficult, for many reasons, to provide the teacher development programme they would like to have. Our team can provide, in consultation with you and your colleagues, a programme of teacher training and development tailored to your needs. It could be a one-off session to look at a particular area or a number of sessions across a morning or afternoon. We can also provide a full programme of professional development and teacher support to take care of all your needs and could include running regular, focussed and relevant teacher meetings, supportive and developmental class observation and feedback, etc.

Active Language is registered with all the appropriate authorities meaning that your school, given the right circumstances, can use the training budget allocated to every business through the Fundacion Tripartita meaning the cost could be covered.

3. The Trinity Certificate in TESOL

Many teachers would like to become qualified to a Trinity CertTESOL level but can’t come to Cádiz to take the course with us. Provided there is a minimum number of people interested, we can run the course in your school. Participants on the course can be teachers in the school where you work or from the surrounding area. See… for detailed information about the Trinity CertTESOL.

For more information about any of these professional development opportunities, please contact us at training@activelanguage.net or call us on 956221426. We’re looking forward to seeing you in your area soon.