The 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL course

Why is there 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL course?

The Trinity Certificate in TESOL course is an internationally-recognised qualification as an entry into a highly stimulating and rewarding TEFL career. It’s usually a 4-week course.

So, why does Active Language, Cadiz offer a 5-week course?

The experience gained by our highly qualified tutors and the feedback collected from teachers who have been through both 4-week and 5-week TESOL courses clearly show a preference for more time.

More time, space and support is offered on a 5-week course than on a standard 4-week TESOL course: The timetable of the full-time 5-week TESOL course runs from Monday to Thursday. This means that trainees will have a 3-day weekend, which allows significantly more time for assignment writing, lesson planning or, if well organised, going to the beach. Isn’t that a great opportunity?

As a result of a 5-week course timetable, our trainees experience lower stress levels, higher quality of work and a better experience all round.

But, is there a difference in price between the 4-week course and the 5-week course?

Well, not necessarily, the price of the 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL course at Active Language, Cadiz remains highly competitive when compared to other, shorter 4-week TESOL courses.

So, the extra time in the 5-week TESOL course allows trainees the opportunity to be a part of Cadiz when it explodes into life. This authentic and friendly Spanish city on the beach is at it’s best during the summer months; as well as the attraction of the beach, there are also concerts, shows and countless cultural events to be enjoyed, like the Cadiz Jazz Festival.

Approaching the end of any Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course, while trainees should feel confident about teaching adults, the same might not be said for teaching young learners.

In Spain teachers often find themselves teaching children more than adults. So, Active Language, Cadiz, offers a short introductory course to teach young learners leaving teachers well-prepared, confident and enthusiastic. The Teaching Young Learners Extension course takes place over three days, at the end of the 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course. The course has been designed in close collaboration with a large number of employers and is targeted to give teachers exactly the skills employers are looking for and that teachers need.

And what happens after a 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL course?

Nearly everybody approaches their TEFL course focused on the job prospects at the end. Our Careers Service team is ideally positioned to help you achieve your goals, offering both individual and personalised career guidance and life-long support, and extensive employment connections all over the world, throughout Spain and especially in Andalusia.

Would like to read more about our 5-week teacher training course in Cadiz? Please, take a look at our teacher training courses page or contact us.

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