TEFL in Spain – The Image Conference

Edel Donegan

Edel Donegan, full-time English teacher at Active Language, Cadiz shared her insights on a TEFL event held in Cordoba, Spain called The Image Conference.

I chose to attend The Image Conference in Cordoba primarily as a means for personal and professional development. Technology and images are something that I have been interested in since my BA at University and I try to incorporate this into my classroom whenever possible. Secondly, as a teacher who has not always been entirely comfortable in front of a group of teenage students, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about things that my teens are interested in and to make classes, and ultimately English, more engaging to them.

The day as a whole was long! Unlike other TEFL conferences, the talks were all squeezed into one day which started early and finished late. So, it was somewhat of an information overload. That being said, the information that was presented was – for the most part – fascinating! I was particularly impressed with the talks by Ceri Jones, Shaun Wilden and Fiona Mauchline, for practical exercises that can be used in class. Theoretically, Daniel Barber was very interesting in his talk on brain imaging. As a fan of FilmEnglish.com it was a great pleasure to hear Kieran Donaghy’s opening plenary.

As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the Image Conference and it is an event that I wouldn’t hesitate to attend again. It broadened my mind to thinking about how and why we use screens in the classroom and personalising activities to students’ very own “photo albums in their pockets”. It was a very positive experience and one which I would thoroughly recommend to any teacher who is interested in this topic as a means for personal and professional development.

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