TEFL del Sur Swap Shop

TEFL signs in Cadiz

TEFL signs in Cadiz

Teresa Bestwick hosted this annual event that took place on Saturday, 31st of January 2015 at Active Language. It brought together teachers from around the province, allowing them to share ideas and experiences on a wide variety of topics. In previous TEFL del Sur Swap Shops, teachers have shared ideas for games with YL’s, activities to practise specific grammar points, tips for working with teens and much more.

This year, it was great opportunity for people to share their wonderful ideas while they may not feel ready to give an hour-long talk as there’s a very welcoming, friendly atmosphere. In every TEFL del Sur Swap Shop there’s something for everyone, whether you’re in your first year of teaching or are a seasoned professional. Those who don’t feel like sharing ideas are more than welcome to come along and pick up some ideas to give you a boost in the next terms and enjoy sharing your thoughts with your peers during the coffee and beer breaks in the sun.

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