Community Focus

Our Mission To inspire and build confidence in new and experienced teachers and help them move forward in their teaching journey.

To work with language learners to help them achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and follow their dreams.

To collaborate with schools and all community partners to help them however we can and provide positive and meaningful progress. Our Values Active Language is… Professional, Engaged, Rigourous… maintaining high standards in everything we do; academically, administratively and personally. Progressive, Dynamic, Innovative… constantly looking to go further and committed to learning, training and support by being engaging and relevant. Caring, Supportive and Responsive to students, teachers and all community partners; encouraging people to reach their objectives and aspire to fulfil their potential. For example, we aspire to our teenage students reaching C1 level by the time they leave school. Passionate, Enthusiastic and Committed…we love what we do and are dedicated to developing long term, sustainable and healthy relationships. Honest and Ethical and in all our endeavours and act with integrity towards everyone, staff, students and teachers alike. Community focussed, Connected, Contributing… we believe in being a positive force for change across all the communities we’re connected to including our staffroom, schools and professional associations and communities, especially in and around Cádiz.