From 5 years old to C1

This week, we interviewed Candela, Pepe and Jaime, three students in one of our C1 classes. Candela started studying English with Active Language when she was five years old and Pepe and Jaime started a year later, in 1º Primary. Here, they share some tips for getting the best out of the learning experience and how to best prepare for exams…

Why did you start studying English with us?

Initially because our parents wanted us to but as the years went by we saw the importance of English for the future and felt we were getting ahead of the work they were doing at school.

Pepe said that in 1º Primary he didn’t want to go to classes as he wanted to play in the playgound but now he really appreciates that he did and that he enjoys coming to class and has done for many years.  Amy was the teacher who showed him how to really enjoy the classes.  Candela and Jaime really remember classes with Simon Pearlman – he was really friendly.

Any advice for students taking the B1, B2 or any Cambridge exam this year?

Go to CEXtra on Fridays as you can see your errors and learn from them.

In class write down all of the vocabulary and study it.

Look through your notes (particularly just before the exam).

Study and memorise the expressions your teacher gives you to be used in the exam (particularly writing and speaking).

Any advice to anyone starting a B1, B2 or C1 course in September?

Go to class!

Do the homework, even the writings as the teachers always make corrections and you learn from them.

Read and watch films/TV in English.

Take notes all of the time (in particular vocabulary and expressions).

Why do you like Active Language?

The teachers are really friendly and they really prepare you for the exams.

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