Why should I do the course here?

Our goal is to provide courses which are practical and dynamic and above all meet the needs of participants. In order to do this, our team of trainers aim to be flexible and supportive as well as provide expert guidance, and our course is structured and designed with your needs and objectives in mind.

The on-line part of the course includes plenty of opportunities for interaction. Our aim is to encourage support and sharing of ideas between participants. To achieve this, we make sure that you are in regular live contact with other course members, working in groups and pairs to complete tasks. We also hold live webinars on modules and have 1-2-1 tutorials throughout the course so you can discuss your progress with a tutor.

We make use of the latest technology to give you the chance to see and hear your colleagues, and use a virtual classroom to develop discussions on teaching and learning.

Preparing for the Diploma is demanding and you will feel under pressure at times. We aim to reduce unnecessary stress as much as possible by making sure you have the personal support you need and the focus and direction necessary to ensure your work time is well spent.

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