If the Trinity Cert. TESOL is designed for those with no previous experience, why are there interviews?

One important reason is for us to assess applicants’ language awareness and potential (see points 2 and 3 under ‘entry requirements’ above). Language awareness includes, among other things, the ability to identify and describe: meaning and differences in meaning; levels of formality; and the basic structure of a sentence. The questions do not require previous teaching experience or advanced study of the English language, and we do not assume knowledge of linguistic terminology – although we would expect candidates to be familiar with basic terms such as ‘noun’, ‘adjective’ and ‘verb’.

An additional reason is for you to get the opportunity to talk to a teacher trainer and ask any questions not already raised, and to allow you to consider more carefully whether the Trinity Cert. TESOL is the right course for you.

Perhaps the main aim is to make sure that we don’t offer a place to – and accept money from – someone who we feel does not have a good chance of passing the course.

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