The TYLE Course

The Teaching Young Learners Extension Course Will Suit Teachers Who:

  • Have completed a Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course or equivalent and/or a Trinity Diploma or equivalent.
  • Are looking for a TEFL course which gives the more specific skills and in-depth knowledge necessary for teaching English to young learners.
  • Need a boost of confidence before starting to teach young learners for the first time.

Why Should I Do The TYLE Course?

Throughout the world, and especially in Spain, teaching young learners (3-18) has become a key part of TEFL teachers’ remit. We often find ourselves teaching more children than adults. At the end of any Certificate in TESOL Course, while trainees should feel confident about teaching adults, the same might not be said for teaching young learners. Both ex-trainees and employers have identified a need for further, more specific training in this area.

We offer a short introductory course which gives you the skills you need to start teaching young learners feeling well-prepared, confident and enthusiastic.

The TYLE Course Details

The Teaching Young Learners Extension Course (TYLE) covers key areas of methodology alongside practical applications and will leave you with an extensive range of ideas and activities to use in the classroom. You will finish the course with the confidence you need to embark on your teaching career with young learners.

The course has been designed in close collaboration with a large number of employers and is targeted to give you exactly the skills they are looking for and that you need.

Following our summer 5-week Certificate in TESOL courses, the TYLE Course takes place over three days. It involves four and a half hours per day of workshops, discussions, video observations and includes:

  • Working with different age groups
  • Classroom management and discipline issues
  • Effective lesson planning
  • Using coursebooks and other published material
  • Affect, self-esteem and motivation
  • Personalisation
  • Teaching grammar and vocabulary
  • Using music and song; video, DVD and multi-media
  • Games and movement in the classroom
  • Arts and crafts
  • Using projects and portfolios
  • English and the first language
  • Drama, role-play and story telling
  • The first day

During term-time, when we run classes for learners aged 3 and up, the format for the course is slightly different.  The course takes place over four days and includes six hours of guided observations as well as the daily input sessions.


Recommended pre-course reading: Children Learning English, Jayne Moon (Macmillan).

This is an excellent introduction to teaching young learners and provides a good balance of theory as well as a great deal of practical ideas. The pre-reading is not required for the course but recommmended.



Upon successful completion of the TYLE Course you will receive a certificate to present to potential employers detailing the areas covered and the skills gained.

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