Teacher Training Team

The Active Language teacher training team is highly qualified and well experienced. Our tutors have taught around the world, having experience with a variety of different levels and learners and been involved in local, national and international conferences.

Dani Jones – Director of Teacher Training

Dani started teaching in the 1990s and taught in Turkey, Costa Rica and London before coming to Spain in 2001. She worked in Seville for 2 years before coming to Cadiz and setting up Active Language in 2004 along with 3 other partners.

She has been a Trinity CertTESOL trainer since 2004, a Course Director on CertTESOL courses since 2010 and a Trinity DipTESOL trainer since 2013. In partnership with OxfordTEFL in Barcelona, Active Language has  been running the Trinity DipTESOL face-to-face Teaching Practice component since 2013. She is responsible for coordinating this as well as being one of the course tutors.

Dani is heavily involved in Teacher Development at Active Language and is part of the team running our innovative Continuing Professional Development programme.

Besides her EFL qualifications (both the Certificate and the Diploma), she also holds a BAHons in French.

In her free time she enjoys yoga, reading and cooking…usually not all at the same time!

Simon Pearlman

Simon has been involved in English language teaching since 1997 and so far he has worked in Turkey, the UK, Costa Rica and Spain. Simon is one of the founding partners of Active Language and while he is mainly responsible for the language school, he also works on the tutoring team as a CertTESOL course trainer, often with particularly close involvement with the Materials Assignment and the Careers Service as well as the Teaching Younger Learners Extension course.

He is currently the vice-president of the Cádiz based teachers’ association TEFL del Sur as well as the ACEIA representative in the province and regularly presents at local and regional conferences. Simon loves being in the classroom connecting with learners of all ages and levels and working with teachers in all sorts of different contexts.

When he’s got some free time, Simon enjoys nothing more than relaxing with friends and family. After 15 years in Cádiz, his love for this beautiful city deepens daily.

Find out more about Simon’s experience as a tutor here.

Teresa Bestwick

Teresa has been teaching in Spain since 2004 and started training with Active Language in 2010. She took her Diploma in TESOL through the centre as well and previously took the IH Teaching Young Learners course in Sevilla. She is a tutor on the CertTESOL course and the TESOL administrator, so you’ll be in touch with her in the run-up to your course. During the course, she is also the Learner Profile tutor and will give you guidance on this assignment during input sessions. If you decide to take the Young Learners course with us, Teresa will be one of your tutors and she has a particular interest in making exam preparation classes motivating and enjoyable for teens.

As well as blogging at Views from the Whiteboard, she also participates in conferences around Spain and has presented at both local and national events, such as ACEIA and TESOL-SPAIN and is one of the founding members, and former president, of TEFL del Sur.

When not busy working, Teresa enjoys watching sci-fi films, walking along the beach and drinking craft beer.

Find out more about Teresa’s thoughts on the CertTESOL course and Cádiz here.

Kate Fuller

Kate has been living and working Cádiz since 1999 and began teaching and training at Active Language in 2008. She is a tutor on the CertTESOL course and she is also the Materials Assignment tutor and will give you guidance on this assignment during input sessions. Kate teaches groups of all ages from 3 year olds to adults and says that she doesn’t have a favourite age group as each one has something special or surprising! She also teaches exam preparation classes.

To continue her professional development, Kate attends conferences such as ACEIA and TEFL del Sur.

In her free time she likes to read, watch series on Netflix and travel whenever possible.

Chris Hunter

Chris took his first tentative steps into teaching in Seville in 2006, after realising he wouldn’t be able to finance his extended honeymoon by busking. To his surprise, it wasn’t as scary as he had imagined. In fact, it turned out to be rather good fun, and an exciting and rewarding couple of years in Andalucia followed. Since then, Chris has taught English in Argentina and South Korea, as well as in various summer posts around the UK. He completed his Diploma at International House in Argentina in 2010, and followed this with the Trinity Young Learners Extension Certificate in Seoul in 2012. He has been working with Active Language since 2014. Chris is a course director and tutor on the CertTESOL course. He has also taught Korean for the Unknown Language sessions and is one of the Materials Assignment tutors.

As well as training with Active Language, Chris teaches at the School of Modern Languages at the University of Cadiz, and works as an English for Academic Purposes lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

In his free time, he enjoys listening to and playing noisy music, supporting the mighty Aberdeen, and walking and relaxing by the sea.

Ceri Jones

Ceri has been involved in ELT for over 30 years. She has taught in Italy, Hungary and the UK and has been living and working in Spain since 1998. She has worked as a teacher, trainer, educational manager and materials writer. She has written on a number of coursebook series for adults and teenagers and has presented at a number of local, national and international conferences, including TESOL Spain and IATEFL UK. She is currently based in Cádiz  where she shares her time between materials writing, teacher training and walking the dog!  She often teaches the Unknown Language classes at on the CertTESOL course and is currently involved in the online Trinity TESOL Diploma course as well as tutoring on the teaching practice component of the course in Cádiz.