Prices and Dates

The Trinity Diploma in TESOL Course Prices and Dates

Online Modular PhaseDates
Autumn 2018October 1st 2018 – May 2019
Spring 2019starts January 2019 – July 2019
The Assessed PhaseDates
Extensive Teaching PracticeTo be determined (usually between January and May)
Intensive Teaching Practice5th – 30th August 2019
Exam and Interview PreparationTo be determined (exam dates in May, August and November)
Payment OptionsPrice
Single payment2600€ (place secured with 450€ deposit)
Instalments2700€ (place secured with 450€ deposit, followed by three further payments)

Trinity examination fees – In 2019 the fees to submit all 4 units of the Trinity Dip TESOL in order to complete the course are a total of €517. These fees are to be paid at least two months before your first submission.