The 5-week Trinity Certificate in TESOL course

Why does Active Language, Cadiz offer a 5-week course?

The experience gained by our highly qualified tutors and the feedback collected from teachers who have been through both 4-week and 5-week TESOL courses clearly show a preference for more time. More time, space and support is offered on a 5-week course than on a standard 4-week TESOL course: The timetable of the full-time 5-week TESOL course runs from Monday to Thursday. This means that...

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TEFL in Spain – The Image Conference

Edel Donegan, full-time English teacher at Active Language, Cadiz shared her insights on a TEFL event held in Cordoba, Spain called The Image Conference.

I chose to attend The Image Conference in Cordoba primarily as a means for personal and professional development. Technology and images are something that I have been interested in since my BA at University and I try to incorporate this into my classroom...

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Edel Donegan

Some C words – Conferences, community & connections

Simon Pearlman attended the FECEI Annual Conference in Madrid, on Valentine’s Day 2015, and reviewed his experience as a language school manager and an English teacher during the following interview.

"The FECEI conference brings people together from all over Spain and it feels great to connect with teachers from outside Cadiz and all over Spain. This year the conference theme was relationships, which particularly resonates with me. I believe that language and relationships go hand-in-hand whether..."

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Simon Pearlman at FECEI

TEFL del Sur Swap Shop

Teresa Bestwick hosted this annual event that took place on Saturday, 31st of January 2015 at Active Language. It brought together teachers from around the province, allowing them to share ideas and experiences on a wide variety of topics. In previous TEFL del Sur Swap Shops, teachers have shared ideas for games with YL’s, activities to practise specific grammar points, tips for working with teens and much more. This year, it was great opportunity for people to share...

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TEFL signs in Cadiz

ACEIA Conference 2014

I really enjoy going to ACEIA - it's a wonderful opportunity to pick up new ideas, confirm tried-and-tested beliefs and meet up with familiar faces. The plenary speakers always have something thought-provoking to say and I thoroughly enjoyed Michael McCarthy's talk on fluency and interaction.

The thing I enjoy about speaking is sharing ideas with other people. It's often said that there's...

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Teresa Bestwick, Course Tutor

Teacher Training Courses

Dani Jones, Director of Teacher Training at Active Language, Cadiz reviewed some of the best moments of the 2014 Trinity Certificate in TESOL full-time Courses.

After her recent experience as Course Director of the Oxford TEFL Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course in Kerala, India, Dani talked about the fact that all courses are different, they each have their own personality and seeing how trainee teachers learn to work together and develop professionally is fascinating. One of the most interesting about the...

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