ACEIA Conference 2014

Teresa Bestwick, Course Tutor

Teresa Bestwick, Course Tutor

I really enjoy going to ACEIA – it’s a wonderful opportunity to pick up new ideas, confirm tried-and-tested beliefs and meet up with familiar faces. The plenary speakers always have something thought-provoking to say and I thoroughly enjoyed Michael McCarthy’s talk on fluency and interaction.

The thing I enjoy about speaking is sharing ideas with other people. It’s often said that there’s nothing new in TEFL and perhaps that’s true – I did worry this time whether the ideas I was presenting were really that useful to the participants, but it was wonderful to see people getting involved.

My talk was on activities which we can use to introduce and review target language and some of the ideas could also be used to review emergent language too. One point I made during the session was about the importance of revisiting emergent language as we can assume that that’s what our learners really want to be saying.

If you would like to read more about teaching English in Cadiz, Spain, please visit Teresa’s blog, Views from the Whiteboard. For information about teacher training courses in Cadiz, Spain, please take a look at our teacher training page or contact us .

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