Our partners

Local partners

Every year, Active Language becomes more involved in the local community of Cadiz, establishing long-term business relationships and developing community action projects.

On top of the English classes for all levels and all ages, as well as preparation courses for the Cambridge official examinations that we run in our language school located in Plaza de Mina, we currently provide in-company English language courses, extra-curricular English courses in the local schools San Felipe Neri and La Salle Viña and English courses for the teaching staff of both schools as well as for all the La Salle Schools of the Bay of Cadiz.

San Felipe Neri – since 2008

La Salle, provinicia de Cádiz – since 2012

Trinity College London

Oxford TEFL

Oxford TEFL was founded in 1998 in Barcelona. More than 4000 teachers have earned their Trinity Certificate in TESOL and over 400 have completed their Trinity Diploma in TESOL in the centres located in Barcelona, Kerala (India), London, Prague and at Active Language, Cadiz.

Cactus TEFL

Cactus TEFL aims to help raise the profile of the TEFL industry, with the objective of promoting high quality courses which are professionally delivered, and provide the participant with a solid platform, prior to embarking on a teaching career.

Cambridge English