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Teaching online: Young Learners

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for the session on teaching young learners. Here are the links to the different resources we used.
Ideas for teaching young learners online

The Jeopardy-style game at Playfactile has quite annoying music, so Rob in the afternoon session recommends using Jeopardy Labs instead – thanks! Also, tekhnologic is the website I mentioned where you can download editable games on Powerpoint.

There was also a question about the song we listened to while playing Bingo – it’s The Animal Song from Maple Leaf Learning.

For recording dictation activities you can use Vocaroo for basic recordings or you can download Audacity and add a background track from Zapsplat. Here’s a quick explanation of how. Be careful as the Audacity site has quite a few pop-ups to try to encourage you to download other things.

Cambridge English has fun games for primary-age students and British Council has lots of short grammar videos as well as other resources for your classes. BL mentioned Cambridge LMS (Learning Management System) during the morning session so here’s a link to their site if you want to sign up.

Using short scripts in breakout rooms can also get students speaking and you can find some on ESLFast.

Getting students to watch a YouTube video and then discuss what they saw, answer comprehension questions or collaborate to remember details is also a good option for breakout rooms. In the session, we watched a video with facts about Scotland from Language Leads Love, an incredible invention on Joseph’s Machines and a video from The Dodo. Remember when students are in breakout rooms, they can’t see anything you share on the screen. However, when you have your list of breakout rooms, in the bottom-left is an option to ‘Broadcast to all rooms’ so you can type questions and messages there.

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