Continue your ELT journey with a Trinity DipTESOL

If you've been teaching for a minimum of two years, in any environment, taking a Trinity DipTESOL can open new doors to you.
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School management

Many job offers for DoS and othe academic management positions will request a higher-level qualification than a CertTESOL. Taking the Trinity DipTESOL can give you more confidence in your own knowledge and understanding of the English language and the skills we use in the classroom, helping you to better support your colleagues in your new role.

Many ELT professionals have a fairly full timetable during the academic year, but in the summer months, it can be tricky to find a fulfilling position to keep the pennies rolling in. If you’re looking to move into a position with more responsibility in a summer school, many schools will require a Diploma-level qualification for academic management positions, particularly those schools which are accredited by the British Council.

EAP tutoring

However, if you’ve had enough of working in summer schools, you might be interested in finding work at a university during the summer. Many of the UK’s top universities run cuorses to support students coming to study from abroad, developing their academic skills before the term starts. These centres will also often ask for a higher-level qualification for their EAP tutors.

Become one of the team!

If you’re looking to share your passion for ELT, you can inspire new teachers as a CertTESOL tutor. Trinity now requires all new teacher trainers to have a higher-level teacher training qualification, such as the DipTESOL. Although many teacher trainers tend to work in one centre, there are often course providers around the world looking for trainers to work on a particularly busy course, so if you’re free to travel, it’s a great way to see the world!

Where will your Trinity DipTESOL take you?

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