Great people, great place, great experience

Jenny completed her CertTESOL course with us back in August 2012 and has been living in Andalucía ever since. She came on the recommendation of her brother, who had taken the course and loved it. Here, she shares a couple of her thoughts on the course.
Trainees enjying the Spanish lifestyle

“I remember finding the workshops really interesting and appreciating the lesson observations.”

She enjoyed life in Cádiz so much that she decided to stay on for the first year after completing her course and found it easy to find work with a recognised qualification under her belt. She then moved to Sevilla, where she still lives and works today. As well as teaching English, she’s also an examiner.

“I’d definitely recommend Active Language, great people, great place, great experience overall.”

Enjoying the sunshine outside the cathedral
Enjoying the Spanish sunshine
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