Why choose Active Language for your Trinity CertTESOL?

With so many courses on offer, it can be difficult to know which course provider will fit your needs best. Here are just five reasons to choose Active Language for your CertTESOL.
trainee Trinity CertTESOL observation

An experienced teacher training team

Our teacher trainers have taught around the world and have a wealth of experience between them. This includes not only classroom teaching, but academic management, materials design and ELT publishing. Furthermore, most of the tutors teach when not training, meaning that they have ongoing classroom experience. Many also have an active online presence, following the latest ELT trends on Facebook, Twitter and their personal blogs.

A family-run teacher training centre

Simon Pearlman and Dani Jones

Simon and Dani originally founded Active Language back in 2005, together with Dan and Jo. Their approach to running the centre has always been to create the most comfortable environment possible for their staff, students and trainees. This open, welcoming approach means that you receive ongoing support throughout your time with us and many trainees keep in touch after their courses to let us know what they’re up to.

An independent training centre

Whilst still adhering to Trinity’s guidelines, being an independently-run centre means that we can adapt our training courses based on the ongoing feedback we receive from trainees, as well as developments in the world of ELT. The Trinity moderation ensures that we still deliver quality training to all our trainees and any changes made – for example, to the timetable, format of delivery or assignment guidelines – are carefully examined by the moderator.

A highly recommended training centre

We frequently receive very positive feedback from our trainees on the quality of the course we offer. During our most recent course, almost half of the trainees came to us through recommendations from friends and family members. We are incredibly proud of the reputation we have built as a high-quality training centre.

A passion for ELT

We want the teachers of tomorrow to develop the same passion for the profession which we have. We sincerely hope that we convey our own enthusiasm for what we do throughout our courses.

If you want to develop a passion for something new, get in touch to find out more about taking the first steps on your ELT journey with us.

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