Will I get a job after my course?

People take a Trinity Certificate in TESOL for a variety of reasons: some want to have the qualification ready for the future and others are looking to start teaching straightaway.

During the Trinity CertTESOL, our careers advisor will provide you with focussed input on how to make your CV ELT-ready and what to look for when job-hunting. There is also the opportunity to have personalised careers chats, both during and after the course, to help you best achieve your career aims.

When we receive job offers from schools – local, national or international – we share them with our current trainees and also post them to our Active Language Teacher Training page on Facebook. This is a page which is for past, current and future trainees, as a place to share teaching tips and also fond memories of your stay in Cádiz.

For those of you who are looking to stay on this beautiful area and find work locally, we have links to a number of local schools. Many of these schools are members of ACEIA, the Andalucían association of language schools, an organisation which promotes educational quality and fair working conditions. We also have strong ties to schools in Málaga and Sevilla, popular locations for many of our trainees who are looking for a city larger than stunning Cádiz, but which both still retain a taste of the real Andalucía.

We also have links to a network of trainees and colleagues around the world, so whether you’re thinking of following an ELT career in Latin America, Europe, Asia or anywhere else, we have connections with ELT professionals around the globe.

If you’re not looking to jump into teaching immediately after your course, or if you want to explore other options in ELT at a later date, our careers service is available to all our trainees for life and when teachers do get back in touch, it’s a great opportunity to find out the journey each person has been on since taking the course with us.

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