A letter to future CertTESOL trainees

Hello everybody,

During my Navy days

My name is Rachael, I am 28 years old and I currently live in The Philippines…My life never started out in Asia and I never dreamed I would end up here; in fact, I’m English! Yet, the main reason why my life path led me to Asia was due to a life-changing decision I made in 2014. At that moment in time, I was 24 and a sailor in The British Royal Navy. Not really enjoying my career path as much as I thought I would, I was searching hard for an alternative and decided to turn my passion for people towards teaching!

As an avid traveller and full of wanderlust, but not really knowing where to begin with my new life, I managed to seek out a wonderful TESOL course in the south of Spain. I never dreamed that taking that one course that summer of 2014 would lead me to where I am today…

 Upon initial contact with the Active Language team in Cádiz, everything felt as it should and I knew I had made the right choice. The course directors were more than accommodating, very reassuring and always available to chat, right up until the day before I arrived in the quaint town of Cádiz.

With Eva, a fellow trainee

When I did arrive, I was greeted by Dani, the course director – what a wonderful lady! She introduced me to my fellow coursemates, who I would be sharing a beautiful apartment with over the following weeks of the course and we later met for our first evening in sunny Spain, along with the other trainees who would be on the course.

Having not much teaching experience myself, I must say I felt a rising anxiety inside as I approached Active Language the first day, not knowing if I would be good enough, loud enough, professional enough etc., etc. Again, as soon as I stepped inside Active Language, all those anxieties left the building and the following weeks were just wonderful.

Spending time in the classroom and outside, writing our essays and chatting with one another was not an easy task. For those who want to earn an outstanding, high-levelled certificate, this is the place for you. Active Language is not only 100% professional, they care about how you teach students and yes, it may require some brain work and passion at times, but hey that’s teaching and believe me, by the end of the course, you will feel like a professional and confident ESL teacher!

Along the course, I had plenty of downtime, I spent my weekends on the beach and my afternoons strolling around majestic Cádiz. Why did I choose Cádiz over Barcelona? Because for me, Cádiz had a touch of magic to it, a quiet charm that just envelopes and enchants you.

At the end of the course, I was so sad to leave Cádiz and the family I had made there. However, I did want to use my newfound skills! So, post Active Language I travelled to Asia on a backpacking tour for a few months. Realising how much I loved teaching, I then enrolled in a teaching degree. Upon completion of my teaching degree and paired with my TESOL course, I found myself applying for teaching jobs in Asia and hey presto…here I am in The Philippines.

With my students

I am currently working in a small private school in the south of The Philippines. I have been living here for nearly three years and had I not chosen to take my TESOL course, I strongly feel that I would still be in the UK. I arrived in The Philippines on my own and since then I have met my husband-to-be and have made a life for myself that I did not think possible!

As my job post ends this July, I shall be looking confidently to use my skills gained in my TESOL course to teach in Asia and even online too! I always maintain a strong confidence that I can upkeep my travelling and teaching with the skills I gained during my course. 

I strongly recommend this course to anybody with an interest in teaching and travelling and I am jealous I am not the one starting the course!

Best of luck to you all and enjoy!

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