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Sam took the CertTESOL in August 2014 and was recently selected as a finalist in the Cambridge University Press hunt for new YouTube presenters for their channel.

Sam with his fellow trainees and course tutors

What inspired you to do the Trinity CertTESOL and why did you choose Cádiz?
After finishing University I decided to go into teaching English as a foreign language and the south of Spain appealed to me, as I could speak some Spanish and I fancied living by the sea. At first, I was unable to find any work and that is when I got into contact with Active Language. They highly recommended that I should do the Trinity CertTESOL in order to find a job, and they were certainly right about that! So within two days of speaking to Active Language, I packed my bags, moved to Spain and began the course. I had never heard of Cadiz before moving and I was  pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s absolutely amazing!!

What was the course like? What did you enjoy? What did you learn? Why do you think Cádiz is a good place to do the course?
At first, it certainly wasn’t easy moving to a new country and starting a new course like this. However I found the experience, although challenging, extremely rewarding. Having never taught before it was fascinating to dive head first into the world of teaching English as a foreign language. The course really helped me prepare for life as a teacher and the support of everyone at Active Language was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed preparing and practising doing real lessons in front of real students. I was able to share ideas with different teachers and start to develop my own style of teaching. Cadiz was the perfect location to do the course as you could escape to the beach in your downtime in order to relax.

Sam at La Caleta

What have you done since the course? How has the course helped you?
I have now been teaching English for over four years in 3 different countries. After staying in Cadiz for a year, I have been able to travel and teach in different schools in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The course really helped me grow my confidence in teaching English. It also made me aware of different areas I had to develop as a teacher such as grammar awareness and classroom management. The skills I developed in Cadiz have been invaluable to me ever since.

What are your plans for the future?
For the past year I have been developing myself as a social media English teacher. I have my own Instagram and YouTube channel where I publish short videos explaining vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. It is a great way to reach more people and and it is extremely rewarding. At the moment I enjoy the creative aspect of making my own content whilst also teaching some traditional group classes at a school. In the future I hope to become more accomplished in both avenues.

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