A one-to-one focus

Many people take the time to look into the different courses available before taking a pre-service teacher training course and whilst there are lots of courses on offer, a recognised qualification which is accredited by either Trinity or Cambridge will be accepted throughout the world as the industry standard for most schools.

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However, what’s the difference between the Trinity CertTESOL and Cambridge CELTA? Both require you to carry out teaching practice with real language learners, as well as assignments to consolidate your knowledge and skills.

One aspect in which the two courses differ is that on the Trinity CertTESOL course there is a specific one-to-one focus, which is especially useful if you’re thinking of taking on private students in the future. The Learner Profile assignment requires you to work with one learner to identify that individual’s linguisitic strengths and weaknesses through a series of evaulations. The analysis you do then leads to a tailor-made lesson, designed and delivered with one person’s interests and linguistic needs as the foundation. You’ll also loosely plan a further five hours of study, based on the assessment made before the lesson.

This process of needs analysis, bespoke lesson planning and reflection is also useful for teachers who are going on to teach in environments without coursebooks as whilst many of us have a ready-made syllabus to follow through the period of study, in other situations a school may be lacking these resources or may have opted for a coursebook-free course. The skills you’ll use during the Learner Profile assignment can be easily transferred to working with groups of students of any age or level.

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