Good times for ELT

Although the second term is fairly short this year, it’s wonderful to attend one of the various ELT events which are on offer in order to give yourself a boost and pick up some new tips and techniques. Here’s what’s on offer this term:

February 3rd is a busy day for ELT! Here in Cádiz, we have the second TEFL del Sur event of the year. One of our teacher trainers, Fiona Hunter, will be providing ideas on working with younger learners and three other Active Language teachers will also be participating: Jon Gerrard will be talking about using drama with adolescents, Lucy Brophy will be sharing some ideas for boardwork and Adam Wyett will be looking at the gamification of ELT. Jack Keating, who did his Diploma teaching practice with us alongside Jon Gerrard this year, is making the most of the phonology component of the course to present some ideas and Ainee Claire will be taking a more lexical approach and looking at phrasal verbs.


On the same day in Málaga, another of our teacher trainers, Teresa Bestwick, will be speaking at the ACEIA-Málaga event, revisiting a talk she presented in Sevilla in November called Dealling whith Misteaks.

And the following week, Teresa will be speaking again – this time at the FECEI conference in Madrid on the topic of making exam preparation classes more interesting.

Teresa will be repeating this session in March at the TESOL-SPAIN annual conference, where you can also see some of the Diploma tutors speaking: Ceri Jones and Chris Roland will both be presenting sessions over the course of the three-day event.

We’ll be ready for a break at Easter!

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