On the tenth day of Christmas

…my CertTESOL gave to me…

We really couldn’t do these courses without the learners who come to classes every day.  We have an average class size of ten and our learners are generally all Spanish speakers from the local area, with an age range from 16 to 60+! Learners choose to come to these classes for a variety of reasons:

  • they love the opportunity to chat to teachers from around the world and it allows then to hear a wide variety of accents
  • the lessons are always incredibly communicative, meaning they get the opportunity to use the language
  • it provides them with extra communicative practice, as some of our learners during the summer courses come having failed parts of their state-run language school exams
  • some are looking to move to English-speaking countries and want to improve their fluency
  • others are preparing for language exams which the state requires them to pass in order to finish their university studies or work in the bilingual education system

Although we follow coursebooks during the course, you’ll be encouraged to personalise the lessons as much as possible to the learners.  Unit Four, the only externally assessed piece of work, is the Materials Assignment in which you’ll produce and evaluate a material for one of your Teaching Practice lessons.  Your tutors will give you guidance on the type of materials you can prepare and will familiarise you with the format of the external assessment.

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