On the fifth day of Christmas

…my CertTESOL gave to me…

I find it really does help if you sing this one! Despite our insistence during interviews that the course will be very intense, very few trainees are prepared for just how intense it gets. At Active Language, we run a five-week course to give you a little extra time to assimilate everything you’re learning and to work on the assignments you’ll be doing during the course.  Many trainees get to the end and say that they couldn’t imagine doing the same in only four weeks, as the majority of other course providers do!

Your tutors and course director are there to support you throughout the course and will provide you with all the help they can and, as we mentioned in the last post, your peers are the best people to help you through as they’re also experiencing similar problems.  The most important thing is that you tak to someone if you feel the pressure’s getting to you.

We currently run five full-time courses during the year but if you’re concerned that the pressure of such as intense five-week course will become too much, we also run part-time courses over nine months.

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