On the third day of Christmas

…my CertTESOL gave to me…

Cádiz is a relatively unknown treasure on the south-west coast of Spain, but it has so much to offer!  As the oldest city in western Europe, it has a rich cultural heritage, with artefacts in the city museum dating back to the Phoenician period. The museum is located in Plaza Mina, directly opposite Active Language and the vast majority of the exhibitions held there are free.

If you’re more interested in ancient Rome and its architecture, around the corner from the Cathedral square you can visit the Roman theatre which was only uncovered towards the end of the last century. And the Cathedral has an interesting history too as it was built over a period of 116 years, hence the difference in shades of the façade and its Baroque, rococo and neoclassical features.

You’ll always find life in Cadiz’s many squares – gaditanos socialise out of doors, sitting on benches whilst their children play or enjoying a beer on a terrace and watching the world go by.  For many years, San Antonio was the main square of the city and is still a popular hangout for families with its vast central plaza.

Which square will end up being your favourite?

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