TEFL del Sur and GRETA

It’s a great month for ELT events in Andalucia – a little boost to start the term and give us some new ideas to try out in our classes.

GRETA is  teachers’ association in Granada which has been running annual conferences for over thirty years.  It’s a three-day event, with a wide variety of talks on offer for teachers from different environments, including the state sector.

TEFL del Sur is holding their first event of the year in Cádiz on Saturday 28th October in Cádiz.  There will be three talks on different topics, along with the coffee break and post-conference beer which are great opportunities to make new friends and catch up with others.  A fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning!


It’s always great to see the names of Active Language  former trainees and tutors on the programme for these events…and your name could be on the programme in the future!  Speaking at conferences is another way to develop further as a teacher – you can give a workshop sharing practical ideas you’ve tried out in class or prepare a more academic talk involving research into a particular aspect of teaching.

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