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This month in Tutor Talk we are asking our tutors for advice, inspiration and amusing facts!

Name: Simon

Something even the other tutors don’t know about you:

That’s an almost impossible question to answer, I’m an open book and Dani for sure knows everything about me, probably more than I know myself.


Favourite thing about Cádiz:

Aerial shot of Cadiz

Oh, I love Cádiz. One favourite thing? That’s hard! I suppose my favourite thing is the atmosphere, Cádiz has a beautiful soul; in the streets, hidden gems, plazas, beaches and the people all add to the atmosphere. It’s just a beautiful place.

Places you have taught English as a Foreign Language:

I started my EFL career with 15 months in Istanbul, Turkey, before a  brief stint in London. After that it was off to San Jose, Costa Rica for a year and a half. Then it was back to London for another year. It was then I moved to Spain; first in Seville for two years, then Cádiz for 14 years or so… to be honest I’ve stopped counting! Teaching English gives us this incredible opportunity to live and work in different places, I’m so grateful.


Top teaching moment:

Group work


I love being in the classroom. I have great difficulties picking out one. The moments I enjoy the most are when all of us in the class can feel a unity and a togetherness. Champagne moments are plentiful!



Favourite thing about the Trinity Cert. In TESOL:

This job has given me so much, I suppose my favourite thing is helping people get started on their own beautiful journey.

Parts of the course you are involved with:

I am a course tutor so I am involved in Teaching Practice (which is really where the action is!) and Input sessions in the afternoon. I am also one of the Careers Service team so I’m here to help you get ready for finding a job.

Top advice you would give course participants preparing to do the Trinity Cert. In TESOL:

Be ready to work hard and make time to have fun too. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, enjoy it!

And finally why people should choose to do the course in Cádiz:

The size, atmosphere and beaches of Cádiz make it a wonderful place to do the course. See you soon!

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