Are you an American with a European Dream?

It has become a joke in Spain that the Olympics bid representative tried to entice the world to Spain with the promise of being able to enjoy a nice “café con leche” in a typical Spanish square… but it doesn’t actually sound like a bad plan, does it?

Cadiz, Cadiz Province, Andalusia, southern Spain. The cathedral on Plaza de la Catedral.

Whether it’s the coffee and people-watching, strolling through local produce markets, enjoying a glass of Rioja with some tasty tapas, chatting with the friendly locals, watching the sun go down in a beach bar or wandering around century-old monuments and getting lost in the history of the place… we all have a European dream!

Yet, we all know that dreams cost money and for most of us, that means work! Typically this was the moment when most Americans had to give up on the dream of spending longer than the 90 days granted by the tourist visa. But, at Active Language we have found a way to make the dream last longer.

Americans have always been able to do our Trinity Cert. in TESOL full-time course as it is an intensive 5 week programme run every July and August. However, it can take a while to find that perfect job that will sponsor you for a work visa after you qualify. Employers are far more likely to employ you once you have some more experience under your belt – and so we have decided to start running the Developing Teachers Course.

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The Developing Teachers Course is a 9 month course that requires 20 hours study a week – applicable for a student visa. The student visa also lets you work up to 20 hours a week so it really is a win-win situation. You get to continue training in your first year of teaching with highly experienced and supportive staff whilst gaining valuable experience of your own, teaching in another local language school. And at the end of it, you are perfectly placed and equipped to carry on your teaching career in Spain… or continue your dream to another European country.

For more information on the Developing Teachers Course, visit our website at:

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