Why upgrade to a Trinity accredited course?

It’s recruitment time again! Every year we seem to need to employ more teachers as more and more people are deciding to improve their own employment opportunities or give their children a head start in language learning


The great news is that there’s lots of work for English teachers in Spain!

However, this year we have noticed a worrying trend – an increase of applicants with inferior training and qualifications. It seems that the pull of a cheaper internet-based course has attracted many potentially excellent teachers. It is a great shame because these courses do not prepare teachers well enough. In many of these cases we can see teachers full of potential, but we cannot employ teachers who don’t have the industry standard level of training.

One of the biggest differences between the cheaper courses and our Trinity Cert. In TESOL course (or its CELTA equivalent) is the number of hours spent doing real teaching practice with real students face-to-face. On our Trinity Cert. in TESOL course, candidates spend 85 hours teaching and observing other candidates teaching groups of students. Each of these hours is observed and the feedback is invaluable at this early stage of your career. It takes you from having a small amount of head knowledge about teaching to being a fully competent teacher in the space of 5 weeks! This experience cannot be substituted with an online course.

Whilst it can be difficult to see the value in investing more in training, the payoff is in the quality of jobs that you will get; the level of confidence that you will have at the end of the course; and the internationally recognised qualification that will shine on your CV for years to come.

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