Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday, the fourth in the series when we hear what graduates from our Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses have told us.

This time we have a look at the course itself. One of the questions people often ask is “What’s it like?” Hopefully here we’ll be able to answer this question from a participant’s perspective.

(Please note, all the quotes are taken from the testimonials on our webpage and from the reviews on our facebook page, you can see them there in more context and properly attributed.)

Achieve something big

Participants on our courses always comment that it is “tough”, “challenging”, “intense” and “rewarding” and that they finish the course with the feeling and the knowledge that they have “achieved something big”.

It certainly is an intense experience and we always tell people that we begin the day at about half past nine in the morning and finish around seven o’clock in the evening, there is invariably a couple of hours of work to do in the evening too and at weekends. One of the reasons why we offer the course over five weeks rather than four (but at the same price) is that you should expect to work during the weekends too. We estimate you will work for a day and a half of your three day weekend, so you should have time to enjoy the wonders that Cádiz in the summer can offer safe in the knowledge that the work is done.


A completely positive learning experience

People have reflected on the how they “learnt such a great deal and felt supported and encouraged”, during the “an invaluable and completely positive learning experience” and finish the course with “a thorough training in the basics of TESOL.” Trainees “enjoyed all the new knowledge, teaching practice, lesson preparation” and finish the course “feel(ing) equipped and confident for my future in teaching”

The course is a beautiful thing; you will learn, develop and grow in new ways. The morning Teaching Practice is at its core and working with real students in real classrooms is one of the cornerstones that makes the course so complete. You will plan, teach and reflect on the the experience as well as receive helpful feedback from the tutors and your peers. The afternoons are generally for the input sessions where you will broaden your knowledge in language awareness, teaching tips and methodology. For us at Active Language, Cádiz, it is an honour and a privilege to accompany you and guide you in your first steps in the wonderful world of English teaching and encourage you to go forward with your career with confidence.

In short so many people finish the course with the feeling that “I do not feel I could have started teaching without it.”

We look forward to seeing you soon on one of our Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses soon.

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