Feedback Friday!

This is the third in our series of “Feedback Friday” where we focus on the feedback from graduates from our Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses at Active Language, Cádiz.

According to our graduates it’s “beautiful”, “wonderful”, “gorgeous” and “fantastic”. What are they talking about? Is it the high-quality instruction? The course structure? The tutors?

Well, it could be any of them but in this case, (as they say on a famous TV game show) that’s good but not the one!

If we add in “history”, “culture”, “food”, “friendly locals”, “beaches”, does that help?

Of course it does! It’s Cádiz!aerial shot of Cadiz & blue sea

Cádiz is a fabulous place to do the course; it’s a small, safe seaside city with an authentically Spanish atmosphere. Cádiz offers you the chance to visit it, to get to know it, to discover it, from the squares where you can relax after busy day to beaches where you can soak up the sun and countless cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone! The school is in the historic centre of this fabulous city and everything is within easy walking distance. For fear of sounding like a tourist information leaflet, here’s 10 things you probably never knew about Cádiz.

Here’s 10 things you probably didn’t

  1. Cádiz is the oldest city continually inhabited in Western Europe with over 3000 years of history!
  1. The Central market, stocked with delightful, fresh fruit, veg, meat and its spectacular fish and seafood section is the oldest covered market in Europe.
  1. Artists flock to Cádiz for the quality of light. It’s also a favourite amongst film makers; James Bond “Die another day” was filmed on the beautiful city beach, La Caleta, “Night and Day” starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are just two films made here recently.
  1. It’s a city to walk around with your eyes open. Look up! People say it’s a city to walk around looking up to see beautiful balconies, distinctive architecture. And look behind! Behind almost every door there is a beautiful patio or a special secret.
  1. Columbus, Alexander the Great, Hannibal all spent time in Cádiz before going on to conquer the world.
  1. It is known as the “Little Havana” and people compare the Campo del Sur with the Cuban capital’s Malecón.
  1. Cádiz is on the Atlantic, not the Mediterranean. The beaches are better, the sea fresher and the beach bars need to be experienced.
  1. Cádiz is unique among Andalusian towns in that there is no bull ring. Animal lovers can relax!
  1. It’s also home to the annual Carnival, the envy of Spain.
  1. It’s incredibly accessible. You can walk round the historic centre in about an hour and if you hire a bike, well, you can get anywhere!
  1. There are three city beaches, all of which have their own character and it’s perhaps the surfing and kitesurfing capital of Spain.

In short, Cádiz is a wonderful, dare I say it, perfect place to take your Trinity Certificate in TESOL course. Of course, if you do have any questions about Cádiz or indeed any aspect of the course, our friendly team are here to help.

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