Want to use your languages every day?

Like many of the other people, I felt too busy during my final year of Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese) to even consider going to careers or recruitment events  – my first piece of advice however is “You’re not too busy!”  I really wish I had taken advantage of that wonderful resource!

If, however, you really don’t have time to invest right now, you may be interested in taking the same route that I took. Taking a Trinity accredited TESOL course in the South of Spain to qualify as an English language teacher will prepare you to earn money and travel to anywhere in the world in just 5 weeks! The price of the course is recovered in as little as a month of work and the opportunities are literally worldwide.

Some people do it for just a couple of years while they think about what else they want to do (why not do that from a beach somewhere sunny whilst earning money instead of in your bedroom back at your parent’s house?!) whereas others get addicted to the freedom that having a mobile career brings.

As a languages student there was one thing I knew – I wanted to use my languages every day after graduating instead of just once in a while. For me, that meant living in a Spanish speaking country (Spanish was my weakest language after graduating) with the possibility of moving to a French or Portuguese speaking country in the future.

I was shocked about how big the demand for English teachers is, even just in Spain. As the crisis has hit Spain, there are a lot more people applying for each job – one of the main ways employers are dividing their applicants is by making English a basic requirement for everyone! I’ve had nurses, architects, engineers all in my class because they know they will have to do part of their job interviews in English and they haven’t studied it since they were in school. European law (that the UK opted out of) states that ALL undergraduates have to obtain a B1 level in a foreign language before they can receive their degree certificate! Most choose English… To catch up with these changes in Spanish society, schools are rapidly turning bilingual and need extra teachers to support the change. It is very common for parents to send children to an after school classes or contract a private tutor to come to the house to help their children catch up. So as you can see, there is plenty of work once you are qualified!

Tips for people interested in becoming a TESOL teacher:

  • Be careful when looking through the many TEFL or TESOL courses online. Most are not accredited. This is a big deal when it comes to getting employed. All decent schools that pay properly require either the Trinity TESOL course or the Cambridge CELTA qualification. It is 100% worth getting the right qualification the first time round.
  • Most of the Trinity or Cambridge courses are 4 weeks but the course in Cádiz is 5 weeks to give you extra long weekends so you can enjoy being in Spain instead of just studying the whole time. This is very welcome after just finishing your final uni exams!
  • The best time to find work in Europe is the summer so you can start work in September. Most schools will give you a 9-12 month contract. The best time to start work in the Americas and much of Asia is November/December as the academic year there starts in January.

For more information check out out website http://activelanguage.net/elt-teacher-training/

p.s. If you are super duper organised and looking at this in your first, second or third year, there’s no reason why you can’t do the course in one of your summers.  Then you will really have a stress-free final year knowing that you already have your future sorted.

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