Welcome to the Jungle

I love TEFL del Sur. A teachers’ organization organized by teachers for teachers with no marketing angle, no sales pitch; professional development pure and simple. I’ve been to many excellent sessions at conferences where the ideas are beautiful but I’m often left wondering, would it work in my less than perfect classes? I wanted to get in to the difficulties of working with primary classes to lay bare some of the challenges and to share some possible solutions. Above all, I believe that...

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Simon Pearlman, Director at Active Language

Teacher Training Courses

Dani Jones, Director of Teacher Training at Active Language, Cadiz reviewed some of the best moments of the 2014 Trinity Certificate in TESOL full-time Courses.

After her recent experience as Course Director of the Oxford TEFL Trinity Certificate in TESOL Course in Kerala, India, Dani talked about the fact that all courses are different, they each have their own personality and seeing how trainee teachers learn to work together and develop professionally is fascinating. One of the most interesting about the...

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