Tutor Talk

Name: Chris Something even the other tutors don’t know about you: Tricky one, since I’m married to one of them! Maybe the others don’t know I’m terrified of flying, and spiders. And flying spiders. Favourite thing about Cádiz: The size and the winding streets. It´s a fun place to wander around and, even if you’re […] Continue Reading →

Why upgrade to a Trinity accredited course?

It’s recruitment time again! Every year we seem to need to employ more teachers as more and more people are deciding to improve their own employment opportunities or give their children a head start in language learning The great news is that there’s lots of work for English teachers in Spain! However, this year we […] Continue Reading →

Looking for work in Spain?

Read on for information about job fairs in Cordoba and Bilbao! As well as on-the-spot job interviews, there will be seminars, workshops and presentations about life and work in Spain. And it’s all FREE! You can find out all you need to know here: http://spainwise.net/tefl-job-fairs/. Continue Reading →

Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday, the fourth in the series when we hear what graduates from our Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses have told us. This time we have a look at the course itself. One of the questions people often ask is “What’s it like?” Hopefully here we’ll be able to answer this question from a […] Continue Reading →

What next for “Auxiliares de conversación”

Are you currently teaching as an “Auxiliar de conversación” in Spain? Would you like to stay in Spain next year? Or would you like to spend time living and working in another country? Are you passionate about teaching? Have you thought about a career in TEFL? And would you like to enjoy the summer in […] Continue Reading →

Want to use your languages every day?

Like many of the other people, I felt too busy during my final year of Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese) to even consider going to careers or recruitment events  – my first piece of advice however is “You’re not too busy!”  I really wish I had taken advantage of that wonderful resource! If, however, […] Continue Reading →

What do graduates say about us?

Why should you train to teach English on the Trinity Certificate in TESOL course at Active Language, Cádiz? From the feedback we get from graduates, one of the key things is the quality tutors. People have been saying the same since we started providing the courses in 2005, over 10 years of dedication, inspiration and motivation […] Continue Reading →

TEFL del Sur Swap Shop

Teresa Bestwick hosted this annual event that took place on Saturday, 31st of January 2015 at Active Language. It brought together teachers from around the province, allowing them to share ideas and experiences on a wide variety of topics. In previous TEFL del Sur Swap Shops, teachers have shared ideas for games with YL’s, activities to practise specific grammar points, tips for working with teens and much more. This year, it was great opportunity for people to share... Continue Reading →

TEFL signs in Cadiz

Welcome to the Jungle

I love TEFL del Sur. A teachers’ organization organized by teachers for teachers with no marketing angle, no sales pitch; professional development pure and simple. I’ve been to many excellent sessions at conferences where the ideas are beautiful but I’m often left wondering, would it work in my less than perfect classes? I wanted to get in to the difficulties of working with primary classes to lay bare some of the challenges and to share some possible solutions. Above all, I believe that... Continue Reading →

Simon Pearlman, Director at Active Language