Nuevos informes sobre el progreso de los alumnos

Este febrero estrenamos un nuevo modelo de informe, llamado informe de progreso o crecimiento, que pretende fomentar la mentalidad de crecimiento (growth mindset) en nuestros alumnos. Elogiamos el esfuerzo y la evolución del aprendizaje más que la habilidad innata y mostramos a nuestros alumnos las estrategias que deben usar  para aprender y mejorar: práctica, búsqueda, persistencia y evaluación. Esperamos que reflexionen junto con sus familias sobre el contenido de su informe que les permitirá afrontar mejor los retos que […] Continue Reading →

Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday, the ninth in the series when we hear what graduates from our Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses have told us. (Please note, all the quotes are taken from the testimonials on our webpage and from the reviews on our facebook page, you can see them there in more context and properly attributed.) “I completed […] Continue Reading →

Rick Stein spends a Long Weekend in Cádiz

One of the things I love about Cádiz is how unassuming and unpretentious it is. Perhaps that’s why few tourists get this far… but those who do are highly rewarded! Back in the spring, on my way home from one of our Active Language centres, I stumbled across one of my idols, Rick Stein, filming an episode […] Continue Reading →

Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday, the sixth in the series when we hear what graduates from our Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses have told us. “I 100% recommend this course to anyone thinking of going into teaching as a new career or to anyone just wanting to top up or reinforce their teaching methods. The teachers at […] Continue Reading →

Tutor Talk

Name: Chris Something even the other tutors don’t know about you: Tricky one, since I’m married to one of them! Maybe the others don’t know I’m terrified of flying, and spiders. And flying spiders. Favourite thing about Cádiz: The size and the winding streets. It´s a fun place to wander around and, even if you’re […] Continue Reading →

Why upgrade to a Trinity accredited course?

It’s recruitment time again! Every year we seem to need to employ more teachers as more and more people are deciding to improve their own employment opportunities or give their children a head start in language learning The great news is that there’s lots of work for English teachers in Spain! However, this year we […] Continue Reading →

Looking for work in Spain?

Read on for information about job fairs in Cordoba and Bilbao! As well as on-the-spot job interviews, there will be seminars, workshops and presentations about life and work in Spain. And it’s all FREE! You can find out all you need to know here: Continue Reading →

TEFL in Spain – The Image Conference

Edel Donegan, full-time English teacher at Active Language, Cadiz shared her insights on a TEFL event held in Cordoba, Spain called The Image Conference.

I chose to attend The Image Conference in Cordoba primarily as a means for personal and professional development. Technology and images are something that I have been interested in since my BA at University and I try to incorporate this into my classroom... Continue Reading →

Edel Donegan

Some C words – Conferences, community & connections

Simon Pearlman attended the FECEI Annual Conference in Madrid, on Valentine’s Day 2015, and reviewed his experience as a language school manager and an English teacher during the following interview.

"The FECEI conference brings people together from all over Spain and it feels great to connect with teachers from outside Cadiz and all over Spain. This year the conference theme was relationships, which particularly resonates with me. I believe that language and relationships go hand-in-hand whether..." Continue Reading →

Simon Pearlman at FECEI