Tutor Talk

In this video T, one of the tutors on the Trinity Certificate in TESOL courses in Cádiz, talks about pronunciation. More specifically she talks about the Shwa, like her, it’s never stressed!:-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Elbjs5AYKw Continue Reading →

3 reasons why Spain needs qualified English teachers NOW!

It may seem counterintuitive that a country known for its recent economic difficulties and high levels of unemployment would be recruiting more English teachers than ever before – but the economic crisis is the first of three reasons why this is happening. Listing English as a basic requirement for any job divides the number of […] Continue Reading →

What do graduates say about us?

Why should you train to teach English on the Trinity Certificate in TESOL course at Active Language, Cádiz? From the feedback we get from graduates, one of the key things is the quality tutors. People have been saying the same since we started providing the courses in 2005, over 10 years of dedication, inspiration and motivation […] Continue Reading →